As an individual, you are eligible to apply for a ‘Basic Disclosure’ (police act disclosure). The Basic check is processed via Disclosure Scotland and is the lowest level of disclosure check available to both individual applicants or Companies and will show any “unspent” convictions. It contains details of convictions considered unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or states that there are no such convictions. This is the only check an individual applicant is eligible for.

Once the check has been completed you will receive your own personal copy of the disclosure certificate showing your disclosure number and issue date. Please ensure that you record the disclosure number and issue date then store securely as you cannot obtain a replacement copy.

The certificate can be used for several purposes including supporting a job application or visa application. This is the only check an individual applicant is eligible for. The certificate will belong to you and it will be your responsibility to show on request.

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I have been told I need an Enhanced or a Standard Check:

Why can’t I get a Standard or Enhanced check?

You are not eligible for a check as you cannot verify your own identity. If you are working for a Company or Organisation on a regular basis then they can request the check for you and will be able to verify your identity – contact us for further details.