New Online Application System

We now offer a new online DBS application system, applicants can complete their application from any computer, online within minutes, id is checked online and the application is sent electronically to the DBS. Results take a few days to come back.


What are DBS Checks

DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks have replaced CRB checks. The CRB have undergone a rebranding exercise to become the DBS, for more information please see DBS checks page.


Make this the last DBS check you may ever need. Keep your certificate up to date for only £13.00 per year and take it from role to role within the same workforce where the same level and type of check is required.

You only have 19 days from the date of issue of your certificate to join, subscribe to the Update Service at:

The update service is FREE for Volunteers to subscribe.


What is a CRB Check

A Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check provides details of an individual’s criminal record and, for certain jobs, information held by the Independent Safeguarding Authority to help you make a recruitment decision.


CRB/DBS Check costs 2020

Our CRB/DBS check costs for 2016 remain competitive.


CRB/DBS Check – How long must I wait?

The Standard checks currently take 5 - 7 days to process.

The Enhanced checks currently take 2 weeks to process.

The above processing times are all average processing times, checks can be completed earlier than the above and can also take longer.  With the Enhanced checks we have to wait for local police to complete their searches before the disclosure certificate can be printed and issued.


We process NHS CRB/DBS checks. Please contact us for more information.


Individual/Self-Employed Applicants

As an individual or self-employed applicant you are only eligible for a Basic check.


CRB/DBS Checks for Volunteers

CRB/DBS checks for volunteers are available free of charge if you meet the qualifying criteria. We make a small administration fee charge for CRB/DBS volunteer checks.


CRB/DBS Check Guidance

JustCRB will provide CRB/DBS check guidance notes for you when you apply for your CRB/DBS check.


CRB/DBS Status Check

Once your Standard or Enhanced CRB/DBS check has been submitted to the CRB/DBS for processing we can then provide you with a CRB/DBS status check on request. You will be able to see exactly what stage of processing your CRB/DBS check is at.


Enhanced CRB/DBS Checks

The Enhanced check is available for those working in Regulated Activity with children or vulnerable adults; applicants for gaming and lottery licences; and judicial appointments.


CRB/DBS Checks for Contractors

The majority of CRB/DBS checks for contractors will be Basic CRB/DBS checks, some contractors may be entitled to an Enhanced check subject to meeting qualifying criteria.


CRB/DBS Check for Self Employed

A CRB/DBS check for the self employed is the Basic one only.


Application Form for a CRB/DBS Check

Simply contact for an application form for CRB/DBS check.


Getting a CRB/DBS Check as an Individual

As an individual you can apply for the Basic check only.


CRB/DBS Check Prices

Our CRB/DBS check prices are competitive and different costs apply to the different levels of CRB/DBS checks. Contact us to cost your CRB/DBS check.

Enhanced CRB/DBS check.

The Enhanced check is available for those working in Regulated Activity with children or vulnerable adults; applicants for gaming and lottery licences; and judicial appointments.


CRB/DBS Check Requirements

For all of your CRB/DBS check requirements, complete the enquiry form on or email and one of our advisors will contact you to discuss your requirements in further detail.


Advanced CRB/DBS Check

People often request the advanced CRB/DBS check. This is actually the Enhanced CRB/DBS check and can be obtained through a company or organisation only. An individual or self-employed person is not eligible for the Enhanced CRB/DBS check.


CRB/DBS Checks for Schools, CRB/DBS Checks for Teachers

We supply Enhanced CRB/DBS checks for teachers in schools and colleges.


Fast CRB/DBS Checks

We offer a quick CRB/DBS check application process. We send your application form to you straight away and all correctly completed forms are sent to the CRB/DBS for processing the same day we receive them.


CRB/DBS Checking Service

We offer a complete CRB/DBS checking service for individuals, companies and organisations.


CRB/DBS Check Certificate

The CRB/DBS check certificate is known as a “disclosure”.


DBS Adult First Check

The DBS Adult First replaces the POVA and ISA checks, you can apply for an ISA Adult First check only when you submit an Enhanced CRB/DBS application.


CRB/DBS Check Tracking

Once your Standard or Enhanced CRB/DBS check has been submitted for processing we can track your check. Make a note of your CRB/DBS application form reference number and you will be able to track the progress online at


Free CRB/DBS Check

You may qualify for a free CRB/DBS check if you are a volunteer working for an organisation. Speak to one of our advisors to check if you qualify.


CRB/DBS Check Documents

See our valid list of identity documents regarding CRB/DBS check documents. We do not require you to send us any photocopy or original proof of identity documents.


CRB/DBS Check Agency

We are a company specialising in CRB/DBS checks.


Cheap CRB/DBS Check

Looking for a cheap CRB/DBS check, our prices are competitive.


CRB/DBS Check Forms

You will need to complete a CRB/DBS check form to apply for a CRB/DBS.


Standard CRB/DBS Check

A Standard CRB/DBS check is available for certain specified occupations, licences and entry into certain specified professions. See our section on Standard CRB/DBS checks for more information.


CRB/DBS Check Scotland

We offer the Basic check only for Scottish applicants.


CRB/DBS Check Cost

Our CRB/DBS check costs are competitive, please contact for a quote.

Company discounts are available for volume orders.


Online CRB/DBS Check

Contact one of our advisors to access our new online system, you will receive an applicant login id which will be the same for all applicants.

As soon as you receive this your applicants can begin their online application. You will also receive your own ID checker login so you can verify your applicants proof of identity. Completed applications are then submitted electronically to the DBS, we will email you the result once the check has been completed. Your applicant will also receive their own personal paper copy of the disclosure certificate posted to their home address.


Free CRB/DBS Check

If you are a volunteer with an organisation you may qualify for a CRB/DBS check free, although you must meet the qualifying criteria for this.


Applying for a CRB/DBS

JustCRB can assist you when you are applying for a CRB/DBS whether it is a Basic, Standard or Enhanced CRB/DBS check, we offer friendly, professional advice and easy to follow guidance notes.


CRB/DBS Check Application

Your CRB/DBS check application is a quick and easy process, contact and find out how.


CRB/DBS Check London

Need a CRB/DBS check in the London area? No problem JustCRB covers the whole of the UK.


Disclosure Number

Your disclosure number is printed on your disclosure certificate together with the issue date which you will need to show to your employer. You will need to record this then store securely as you cannot obtain a replacement certificate.


CRB/DBS Check ID Documents required

We will never ask you to send original documents for CRB/DBS check id.

You will be asked to provide photocopy proof of date of birth together with proof of your current address for a Basic CRB check only.

For the Enhanced or Standard CRB check you will need to take your original proof of identity documents to the person who is verifying your identity so they can check the information is correct on your application form.


CRB/DBS Check Online

 Contact us for further information.


Obtaining a CRB/DBS Check

It is a very easy process obtaining a CRB/DBS check, contact one of our advisors at 0333 335 9972 or email and we will contact you to discuss your requirements in further detail.


Individual CRB/DBS Check Online

We do not currently offer an individual CRB/DBS check online, the Basic check is currently a paper application only.


Applying for CRB/DBS Check

Applying for a CRB/DBS check is a quick and easy process, contact us at 0333 335 9972 or email we will confirm the level of check applicable to you, simply prepay and we post your application form to you straight away.


I need to CRB/DBS Check Companies

No problem, let us know which check you require: Basic, Standard or Enhanced and we can arrange the CRB/DBS check quickly for you.


Individual CRB/DBS Checks

We DO NOT currently offer an Individual Basic Check online, it is a paper application only.


Getting a CRB/DBS Check

Getting a CRB/DBS check is very quick and easy to do, email and one of advisors will contact you.


How to get a CRB/DBS Check

CRB/DBS checks are available to individuals and companies, to get a CRB/DBS check you need to apply, complete an application form and return to JustCRB.