This is for Standard and Enhanced applications only. It is important to follow the instructions in the application form carefully. Any mistakes you make on the form will delay your application.


Here are some top tips to help:

  • Use BLACK INK ONLY and write clearly in block CAPITALS
  • Only use one letter or number for each box
  • To correct a mistake on the form put a line through it and write the correction Clearly to the right or as close as possible
  • Leave an empty box between words, but don’t include spaces within a telephone number
  • Mark choices in the boxes indicated with a cross [X], not a tick and keep within box
  • Be sure to sign the declaration at Section E, item 56, keeping all of your signature inside the box
  • Make sure you fill out sections A, B, C and E of the application form
  • Do not complete section D of the application form

Where possible you should record the information required only in the relevant boxes provided on the DBS (CRB) application form. If you require a continuation sheet for previous names and/or address history you can print one off below. You must enclose this with your DBS application form. For more info:


Common errors when completing the criminal record check application form

  • Write over the edges of any of the boxes
  • Place any stamps or stickers on the form, for example, featuring addresses or dates
  • If a section of your form isn’t relevant, just leave it blank
  • Use staples
  • Use correction fluid, for example Tipp-Ex

Once you’ve completed your application form, use the following checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Make sure you have:

  • Completed sections A,B,C, & E
  • Provided all your addresses for the last five years
  • Checked there are no gaps in the dates you provided
  • Signed the form (Section E, item 56)


What to do with your completed application form

Once you have given your completed form to the person who asked you to apply for the check, you should also provide:


They will then check your documents, and complete section W, and parts of Section X before returning for processing.